From the mountains of Fyli

dinner performance with Sandra Teitge
commissioned by 6th Onassis Fast Forward Festival

From the mountains of Fyli is part of a series of site specific dinner performances focusing on municipal waste managment. Bringing together experts and a general audience over dinner to engage in a debate moderated by a female tv-anchor.

Only a few kilometers from the center of Athens, Fyli is competing to be one of the largest landfills for household waste in Europe. Franziska Pierwoss and Sandra Teitge spend a year investigating the Greek waste management system and its multiple components. 
The research comprises interviews with experts as well as visits of the Fyli Landfill, one of Europe’s largest landfills and the primary waste depot of Athens and Attica, that has been in operation for decades and continues to receive approximately 6,000 tons of garbage each day; following municipal garbage collectors on their night shift and mapping the routes of informal waste transport through Athens; as well as touring recycling sorting centers
For their dinner performance in Athens, Franziska Pierwoss and Sandra Teitge invited a wide range of protagonists from the waste management sector, from public authority figures, workers, and politicians to companies, union representatives, activists, local inhabitants, as well as the general public to become dinner companions over a menu specially conceived for the occasion moderated by local TV moderator Fay Skorda.
Guests are invited to discuss the duo’s research in Athens, Thessaloniki and Volos, the role and interplay of the private and public sector, failing recycling regulations, circular economies, possible scenarios for energy recovery from waste, as well as how the issue of waste management links to the upcoming communal election.

Franziska Pierwoss and Sandra Teitge – in collaboration with a Greek team of researchers and acclaimed chefs create a platform for exchange that allows for unexpected encounters, discussions, and controversies offering space for a new interpretation and analysis of the current situation.

Research Team:
Elena Antonopoulou & Tatiana Chani

Curator: Katia Afara
Chef: Gogo Delogianni & Kostas Sotiriou
Moderator: Fay Skorda
Elina Giounanli, Franziska Pierwoss, Sandra Teitge

Dinner Performance in Athens on May 15 2019

Research Documentation shows municipal waste transport Athens, sorting facilites in Attica, Lafarge Volos & meetings with various Experts