für alle

tasting and conversation commissioned by Zukunftsland 2099 at alpha nova & Galerie Futura 2019

Mexikaner für alle is a tasting and a performance on questions of the current property situation in Berlin’s inner city limits.

The drink ‘Mexikaner’ is made of rye grain liquor, tomato juice, Tabasco and Maggi and was allegedly invented by a Hamburg bartender in St. Pauli. The cocktail served in a shot glass has been a regular part of most Berlin’s corner bars menus since the 1990s. At a moderate price it is also served in most bars in the so-called Schillerkiez in Neukölln. Very few areas in Berlin have undergone a change as radical in the past ten years as the area located between Herrmannstraße and the Tempelhofer Feld. New luxury developments such as the real estate project 12053 have been erected facing the social housing complexes of the Rollberg quarter.

Franziska Pierwoss is inviting the audience to a discussion with residents of the area on questions of forced evictions, innovative property developments, political responsibility and the tragic power of state aids.

Photography: Ali El Darsa