artist curriculum/intervention with Jana Engel
Schools of Sustainability, Haus der Kulturen der Welt
with the class 8A Gerhard Hauptmann Gymnasium & Teresa Reichelt
Sep 2021 - Oct 2022

What needs to change in schools in view of the climate crisis? Saving CO2 is important, but curricula and subject structures also need to be rethought. Can artistic approaches motivate schools to become fit for the future of the climate?

The climate crisis demands rapid action and rethinking at all levels. Together with three Berlin schools and eight artists, Haus der Kulturen der Welt is looking at the school system to initiate sustainable processes. The result is a vision of a new curriculum, a contemporary school that is forward-looking in its architecture, teaching and technologies: 
Over the course of a full year the artists Jana Engel and Franziska Pierwoss aimed at infiltrating the existing curriculum by focusing on the subject of water in the art, biology or geography lessons of class 8A. Critically discussing recent floodings and climate justice by performative formats,  engaging in conversation with experts of the Leibniz Institute about the role of Tesla in the ongoing  draught in Brandenburg or baking christmas cookies with a low water foot print in the chemistry lab. At the end the one year program the students intervened on the architecture of the actual school and build a rainwater harvesting system with the help of Mr.Stock and an outdoor classroom during a one week workshop.