The Art of the deal

Three minnesotan families on thanksgiving

mini-series, 4 episodes
commissioned by Goethe in the Skyways

The Art of the Deal is a mini-series inspired by reality TV staring three Minnesotan families who openly discuss family politics during the holiday season. 

Art of the deal was filmed over the holidays in November 2018 right after the much debated mid-term elections and only days before thanksgiving. All the families featured as well as the film team had no prior experience in the commercial tv industry and together set out to explore how the private everyday can be used as tv material.   

40 years after its birth, reality TV seems to have become an integral part of people’s life, no matter which country or continent, whether in the US, in Germany, or elsewhere. And more than a decade of Keeping up with the Kardashians has certainly shaped the way realities are being performed all over the world. Following a docu-style aesthetic, The Art of the Deal depicts the private sphere of three families that will serve as a platform to debate and stage questions of individual behavioral patterns but also collective dynamics. 
Watch Episode 1 out of 4:

Thank you to three fabulous families:  Anderson’s of St. Paul, McCalebs & the Anderson’s of St. Croix
Camera: Amelia Palacios
Sound: Daniel Shinbaum
Assistance: Nady Chalmers, Bruno Freeman Production: Sandra Teitge
Music: Felix Classen
Editing & Post Production: Siska
Graphics: Mikala Hyldig Dal
Photography: Sandra Teitge, Franziska Pierwoss, Amelia Palacios