Workshops on waste managment

Workshops with Sandra Teitge

Muac Mexico, City 
Ashkal Alwan, Beirut 
Onassis Stegi, Athens

“From the Mountains of Fyli”– a workshop on waste management and its related economies in Greece in the context of a dinner performance by Franziska Pierwoss & Sandra Teitge
Only a few kilometers from the center of Athens, Fyli is competing to be one of the largest landfills for household waste in Europe. Franziska Pierwoss and Sandra Teitge will gather experts from the field of waste management and the public around a dinner table to discuss the actual reality of the waste sector.
The workshop will address topics like the role and interplay of the private and public sector, recycling, circular economies, possible scenarios for energy recovery from waste, as well as how the issue of waste management links to the economy of the commons in Greece. The workshop participants will individually gather and collectively evaluate and discuss research in preparation for the dinner performance.